With a wealth of knowledge in politics, issues management and communications, there’s no stronger person to have in your corner than Kate. She has a clear focus and great judgment — and can lead you and your organization through a crisis and out the other side. She also heads up LRC’s narrative development practice.

In a swift transition from the youngest Campaign Manager for Team Trudeau in the 2015 Federal election, she worked as a grassroots organizer for the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential Campaign, and Kate most recently served both the Minister of Energy and the Minister of Economic Development and Growth.

Her time as the Issues Manager at the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth saw Kate craft communications strategies for issues at both the Provincial and Federal level, including critical work around NAFTA negotiations. During her time in government, Kate was a trusted advisor to senior members of Cabinet and the Premier of Ontario.


  • Issues management
  • Narrative development
  • Communications planning
  • Seminars
  • Content creation