Principal and Senior Content Strategist

James Bullbrook brings over two decades experience in writing and communications, working with public and private sector clients to ensure they connect with the audiences they need to reach, effectively and authentically, across all media.

James has led a successful major public communication campaign where the stakes were literally life and death (the subject was changes to hospital-based emergency services.) He has worked both sides of the street in government, writing for cabinet ministers and premiers. He distilled a federal leadership candidate’s rationale for running into a single paragraph, and wrote a response line that a client in another election credited with his victory. He has worked extensively as a media trainer, speech coach, consultant and public speaker with clients that have included major utilities, insurance conglomerates, and public sector agencies.

James’s philosophy of communication is based on an old truism: it’s not what you say, it’s what they hear. Or, put another way, the act of communicating does not mean you have communicated. The work of the communicator is only complete when the audience internalizes your message and is motivated by it to take action in a way that can be measured and quantified. James believes that effective communication begins and ends with good writing − writing that is concise, cogent and credible.


  • Speechwriting
  • Content creation