LRC Clear Writing Workshop

Course Outline

LRC’s Clear Writing Workshop

A hands-on course that helps you turn complex writing into clear writing that educates, engages and activates audiences.

Part One: Preparing for clarity

  • Defining clear writing/unclear Writing
  • Understanding your Audience
  • Clarifying your purpose/organizing your Approach

Part Two: Writing for Clarity

  • Grammar: knowing why something is wrong
  • Ways to spot unclear writing
  • Quick fixes to common problems

Part Three: Editing for Clarity

  • Creating good habits – how to approach writing
  • Passing along clear writing guides and resources
  • Story basics – inverted pyramid writing, choosing relevant detail
  • Activity: editing a document  (submitted for feedback after the course)

Media Training

This 3-hour workshop provides a practical grounding in media relations best practice and tactics for engaging with the media. The course includes on-camera mock interviews, rehearsal, critiquing and coaching with Jeff Keay. Jeff is a journalism, media relations and issues management veteran who has worked as national spokesperson and senior advisor for leading universities, banks, professional services firms, provincial and federal agencies and Canada’s national public broadcaster.

Workshop features:

  • Media Relations best practice
  • Understanding the media
  • Interview skills and techniques
  • Focus on key messaging, establishing and maintaining interview parameters and maintain a linear narrative
  • Effective interviews over video conference
  • Mock interviews, rehearsal, critiquing and coaching

Following the session, we will provide each participant with a final written report with our best advice and feedback to continue improving. and a copy of their on-camera exercises. We will also give you LRC’s Media Interview Tip Sheet that highlights best practices and includes suggestions to help you manage your next interview.

Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

In Partnership with Corporate Speech Consultants

Nothing is harder than giving the ‘elevator pitch’ about yourself – a brief, impactful description of what you do, and why it counts. That’s not your fault. You know yourself, and what you do, too well. But you’re not a writer, and you’re not a presenter. You’re a leader. And that’s where we come in. 

We will work with you to find the words to explain your mission and communicate it in a way that lands with your audience and builds your authentic, purpose-driven brand. 

In this half-day VIP experience, you will get instruction and insights from James Bullbrook, a professional speechwriter who has written for corporate and political leaders for more than two decades. You’ll learn specific techniques on how to effectively communicate with audiences about your experience, your mission, and why it all matters. Then, you’ll engage in a collaborative exercise to write and refine your elevator pitch. 

Next, you will work with a dynamic duo of presentation coaches: world-renowned theatre director, Adam Lazarus, and master leadership coach, Sarah Lang. Together, they will help you bring your elevator speech to life. 

You will develop a strong, winning mindset and learn the specific speaking techniques you need to give an authentic, powerful and compelling elevator pitch. You will say goodbye to any public speaking jitters once you understand how to properly use your voice, body language and presence to better connect and engage with your audience.

By the end of the session, you’ll have an elevator pitch in your pocket that you can deliver with confidence to any audience you need to connect with. 

Give the Speech of Your Life

In Partnership with Corporate Speech Consultants

You’re a visionary leader and you have a great story to tell – about who you are, what you do, what your experience has taught you, and why it all matters. The challenge is that you, as accomplished as you are, are not necessarily a writer, or a seasoned presenter. 

But – as a C-Suite executive, a TED Talk speaker, or an entrepreneur about to launch your next big idea – you have an audience you need to connect with. And they’re waiting to hear from you.

Enter our team of communication professionals. 

Through our intensive, one-on-one VIP experience, you will have in hand an engaging and effective keynote speech that captures your true voice and vision. With our professional coaching, you will have the skills to deliver it with confidence and authenticity to any audience you need to reach.

Step 1: Excavation (1 hour)

You will sit for an interview with our speechwriter, James Bullbrook, who has written for corporate and political leaders for more than two decades. We know your time is valuable. We’ll use this hour to talk about your experiences, motives and values, and to capture your voice. We’ll mine for your story – that’s our specialty.

Step 2: The Writer’s Room (2 hours)

First, we’ll deliver a first draft of your keynote 20-minute (2000 word) speech to you. Then, we’ll get together with you in a working session. We’ll listen to your feedback, brainstorm ideas, and refine your voice. We’ll deliver revisions until you’ve signed off on the final copy. That’s when you’ll have the best speech of your life in your hands.

Next, we’ll work with you to make it sing. 

Step 3: The Presentation (Half-day)

Having a solid script is only half-the-battle. You want to know you can stand and deliver – with excellence and confidence. In this VIP experience, you’ll learn how to deliver your new speech with power, precision and authenticity – the qualities you need to captivate every person in the room. 

How is this achieved? With support and guidance of a dynamic duo of presentation skills coaches: world-renowned theatre director, Adam Lazarus, and master leadership coach, Sarah Lang. 

This high-touch coaching is completely focused on you and your unique speaking goals. You’ll learn how to take the stage and powerfully deliver your talk using the elements of voice, gesture, body language, flow, and presence.

At the end of your VIP experience, you will have a crisp, compelling keynote speech in your pocket. You will have the skills and confidence to deliver it to each and every audience you need to reach.

You will be set to give the speech your life.